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How To Shrink A Shirt

How To Shrink A Shirt

Shrinking clothes is not as easy as it seems to be, but shrinking varies from fabric to fabric. To make your clothes fit the way you want, here are some ways to shrink cotton, wool, and polyester. The size of the shirt may differ from the one you want. It may be large, and the last piece will help you to know how it could be possible to Shrink A Shirt of your size.

What types of fabrics shrink easily?

How To Shrink A Shirt such as cotton, linen, and silk get easily shrunk just by leaving them in water for a while and then exposing them to sunlight. But synthetic fabrics such as polyester and wool need to be boiled in hot water to get the desired size.

How much can a shirt shrink from different fabrics?

Every fabric, when subjected to water behaves differently. The cloth that shrinks most easily is cotton. Here is how much each fabric shrinks when you put them in hot water.

  • Cotton: When you put cotton in hot water, it shrinks up to thirty percent of its original size.
  • Polyester: On the other hand polyester shrinks only three percent when dipped in hot water because it does not tend to shrink.
  • Wool or wool and cotton blend: Wool can be shrunk by simply putting it in hot water and then drying it on medium heat as high heat would damage the fabric and it may expand rather than shrink.
How To Shrink A Cotton Shirt
How To Shrink A Shirt

Ways of shrinking a shirt :

By using the high heat providing method, there are three ways to shrink a shirt.

Boiling method :

Take a pot and boil some water in it. When the water comes to a boil dip the shirt in it and put it off the stove. Now leave the shirt in the hot water for a minimum of five minutes.

You can increase the dipping time as much as you want but not more than twenty minutes, now, just take out the shirt making sure that your hands should not get burnt by the hot water. Now leave the shirt in the air and let it dry. This is necessary that your shirt should lie down flat, and allow it to dry if still, you didn’t get the desired size, repeat the same process.

Drying shirt with hot water:

By selecting the strong tub wash, put some hot water in your washing machine and put the shirt in the machine, let the whole round go on. Now put the shirt in the spinning tub and allow it to spin at high speed.

Repeat the process if needed. Steaming This is an effective way of shrinking a cloth for that you need a cloth steamer but in this way, you can only shrink silk, linen, or wool because these fabrics shrink easily upon steaming …some people recommend, iron, but these fabrics would burn and your clothes would get damaged, so iron is not recommendable.

Why do high-quality clothes not shrink much?

Most people want their clothes to remain the same when they wash them, for that to fulfill the requirements of the customers. Some manufacturers use different finishing and production techniques to minimize the risk of shrinkage. In this way, the clothes will remain the same after using them again and again, with no fainted colors or risk of shrinking or getting loose.


What if the garment didn’t shrink?                                               

Despite using all of the above methods, if you still find out that your cloth is not shrinking, or sometimes it happens that your old clothes have undergone all the shrinking cycles .here are some steps to follow that would help you to get the desired size.

  • Take a pot and boil some water in it.
  • Lay down your garment and take the boiling water. Now carefully pour that water over the garment, make sure your garment is fully wet, and let the water soak completely.
  • As the cloth is also hot this time, so keeping in mind this thing carefully take the cloth (make sure not to get your hands burnt) and put it to wash.
  • Add some detergent into hot water and give the cloth a complete wash cycle.
  • Lastly, dry the garment on high heat. Now you may get the chosen sizeHopefully you will get the size you want in one cycle, but if not, repeat the cycle.


How to shrink clothes if I don’t have a dryer?

If you don’t have a dryer you need not get panic to shrink clothes, just follow the steps that are too easy to perform.

  • Put the clothes in the washer and set it to the longest cycle.
  • Take them out, rinse them, and hang them where there is a high temperature, but in this situation, there are some precautions to be taken.
  • If your fabric is cotton do not expose it to direct sunlight, but the sunlight should be provided in the required amount.
  • If your fabric is polyester, it can easily be dried by air only because polyester is easy to handle.
  • Dealing with denim is quite hard because you have to run the washer at the highest heat as you don’t have a dryer.
  • Silk is the easiest to deal with as you don’t need a dryer for it. Moreover, you don’t even have to squeeze it much. Just let the excess water drip and then hang it.


Here are various ways by which you can shrink your clothes. All you need is a washer and hot water normally and a dryer in some cases. However, it should be taken under consideration that you do not over-shrink the cloth so keep taking the follow-up of the size of your garment.